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Scottsdale Season Finale 2015

Kroff Stables finished the year with a bang!!! Congrats to Allison Kroff and Little Miss Sunshine for winning the Grand Prix of Scottsdale!!! Congrats to Spencer McKee and Chenova for winning the High Child Classic. Congrats to Katey Kozeny and Izzora for winning the Low Jr/Ao Classic and Lucy Bradbury and Emillion for placing second. Congrats to Jade Reimer and Vincenzo Z for winning the Modified Jr/Am Classic and to Megan Buscema and Evita for placing 2rd. Congrats to Elle Campbell and Lacoste for being Champion of the High Child/Adult jumpers. Congrats to Beth Buchanan and Borealis for winning both Beginner Rider Hunter classes. Congrats to Sofie Sorensen and Best Boy in Town for being champion of the Crossrail division both weeks. Huge Congrats to Emily Johnson and Mattayus for winning the AHJA Mini Medal Finals.

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